Michael Justin

A family and portrait photographer based out of New Canaan, CT

The day-to-day life of a parent isn’t always pretty. Getting my kids fed, dressed, lunches packed and out the door is similar to what I believe herding wild sheep is like. But when I think back to the past 5 years and the images I’ve taken of them, those tough times take on a whole different meaning. I see their smiles and laughs, their goofy faces and absurd dance moves, and can’t help but smile.

I believe that these moments – the un-posed happenings of everyday life – are the moments that define us and our family.

If you ask my children “what does Daddy do for a living” they’ll tell you “make memories.” While I don’t actually make the memories, I do preserve them. I love what I do and if I won the lottery tomorrow, I would continue to pick up my camera and document this crazy, beautiful life.

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My most prized possessions are the memories of moments and experiences I’ve had with my wife and children. Most were shot at home, hanging out with each other, doing nothing – my favorite.