Baby & Newborn Photography Tips For Parents

Baby and Newborn Photography Tips For New {And Old} Parents

I’m often asked how a parent or relative can take great photos without a $5,000 camera, and while good gear definitely helps, it’s not impossible to get great photos with a cheaper camera (or your cell phone)! I’ve put together a few tips for you to help you get better photos of your little ones. 

Use Window Light!

The easiest way to get the best photos of your newborn (or older siblings) is to use something that is in every house: a window! But before you start clicking away, it’s important to know a few key things about window light. First, don’t shoot when the light is coming directly through the window – this would be considered “harsh light” and your baby won’t like how strong the light is, especially in their face. And because it’s a harsh/strong light, it will give a very contrast look to the photo – not something you probably want with a newborn.

So when scouting your house, look for the largest window you have (the larger the window, the softer the light will be) and as mentioned before, wait for the time of day when the light is NOT coming directly through it. 

Turn Off All Other Lights

Overhead lights, small lamps – literally any and all light other than the window should be turned off. You’d be surprised at how even the smallest light spilling on the baby will change the look/feel of the image. This is what we photographers call “mixed lighting,” and it’s not flattering. 

Shoot With the Window, Not Against it.

We’ve all been there…we take a photo of someone in front of a big, bright, window or door and when we look at the photo, all we see is a big black blob. This is what we call “backlit” and unless you have lighting to use or can manipulate the exposure, you’ll need to adjust yourself to get a great photo. Instead of shooting into the window, put the window to your back and shoot with the light. This is probably the biggest and best advice I can give! 

Shot a lot. Then, shoot some more. 

Children and babies are very unpredictable and when they give you a great reaction, you only have a split second to capture it. We have a luxury today that the film photographers of the past did not have – digital files. We can spend 20, 30, 40 {or more} minutes trying to get 1 or 2 shots, all the way clicking away. Don’t be shy of taking a lot just to grab that once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Don’t Stress – You’re Not A Professional!

There’s a reason you’ve paid a lot of money to have me photograph you and your family. It’s not easy and it does take experience, knowledge, and yes – – sometimes the right gear. If you’re getting frustrated that you just can’t get the results you want – no worries! Let’s get another session on the books and create more beautiful works of art! 

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